Do I have to pay taxes or import duties?

*IMPORTANT: We cannot guarantee that you will or will not be charged any customs taxes or duties. Any customs or import duties are charged once the parcel reaches its destination country. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. This applies only to orders outside the US, Canada and the UK.

Can I use this product in the EU?

Harmony microblades are manufactured in a sterile clean room facility. Each Harmony is carefully inserted into its very own blister pack then treated with EO gas sterilization. Each blister pack is clearly marked with verification of sterilization. Harmony also comes marked with a manufacture date as well as an expiry date which makes them completely compliant for use in the EU.

How is it sterilized?

Each harmony is sterilized with EO gas and then inspected by a third party to ensure they adhere to the strictest safety standards.

What is your refund policy?

If for any reason your Harmony arrives damaged or in any condition which is not completely perfect we will replace it, no questions asked. We do ask you to send images of the issues so we can address your concerns immediately. This will ensure our other artist members are receiving Harmony tools in perfect condition. Artists will be responsible for shipping the damaged Harmony's back to us to receive credit to their account. For the safety of our artist community we do not offer returns if you change your mind or decide you no longer want them. We take a lot of care to ensure your microblades arrive sealed and sterilized and this can be compromised when artists receive them (potentially open them) and then return them to us.

Do I have to pay shipping?

We offer free shipping to most places, provided you buy at least 3 boxes of Harmony. If you live in Asia, Australia or South America you will need to buy 5 boxes of Harmony to qualify for free shipping.

Where are you located?

Harmony was designed in Toronto, Canada. Our HQ is also in Toronto.

Where is Harmony manufactured?

Harmony is manufactured and assembled at our modern and clean facility in Guangzhou, China.

How do I show my health inspector that my Harmony has been sterilized?

Just go to this link on our site: and then match up your lot number with the correct sterilization report.

Do you have local distributors?

You can purchase direct through our e-shop. We ship worldwide to your door within one week. We also have a network of distributors which can be found at:

Can I get training for my Harmony?

We frequently publish videos detailing best practices for using the Harmony microblade. By signing up to our member's newsletter, you will be one of the first to know about any training videos we create. Also, you can find examples explaining how to use Harmony tools on our blog at: There are great examples of Harmony on Instagram organized under #harmonymb.

Can I track my order?

Yes. Our friends at Shopify will automatically send you an email or text message with your tracking number as soon as you place your order.

How long does it take to get my order?

We have warehouses in London, Philadelphia and Toronto and we can ship to most places in the world in about a week.

How do I submit my work to the "Harmony Artists" gallery section?

We love to see all the amazing work Harmony artists create. We encourage you to share your work on instagram with the hashtag #harmonymb. From time to time, we run contests for amazing and inspirational work and reward images tagged with #harmonymb with free product.

How is this different from other microblades?

Harmony was designed to help you, the artist, achieve the best results, period. Our research and development focus is on safety, health standards, artist ergonomics, comfort and utility. Harmony’s unique needle angle and integrated ruler are patent pending.

How many different blades should I use per procedure?

You can use one or many configurations. Many experienced artists use a combination of Harmony tools to craft their designs. Artists find they get more creative and detailed with a combination of needle configurations.

How do I use the integrated ruler?

Find the "0" at the center of the handle and place it across the forehead to check for symmetry. You can also use it vertically to verify the distance to the arch, tail, and bulb of the brow. You can use the ruler throughout the entire procedure to check and re-check your measurements.

Which Harmony should I buy?

Needle selection comes down to personal preference. We encourage you to try them all and decide which one best compliments your technique and style. You may find you like to use a variety of sizes based on the design specification or skin type. Many artists will use more than one configuration.

Can I sterilize and reuse my Harmony?

NO. Harmony is designed to be a one-time use disposable tool only. After you complete a procedure with Harmony, dispose of it in a Sharps container.

Can I autoclave my Harmony?

NO. Harmony is designed as a one-time use disposable tool.

Can I save the Harmony to re-use on the same client?

NO, for the safety of yourself and your clients, a new Harmony must be used for each procedure. This includes touch-ups.